How can I learn the technique?

Introductory classes and workshops can be a nice way to become acquainted with the Technique and share the process of self-discovery.  But most people choose to take one-on-one lessons tailored to their individual needs.  The number of lessons you take depends on your particular needs and goals  

What are lessons like?

Your teacher uses gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanations to help you find ease and balance in movements like sitting, standing, walking or bending.  Everyday activities can teach us a great deal about our overall habitual patterns of thought and movement. 


Typically about 45 minutes long, a lesson may include lying down, fully clothed, in a constructive rest position that supports your back as you work with your teacher to develop new thinking and movement skills. 

What will I learn?

As a student of the Technique you learn to

  • Fine-tune your ability to perceive and register sensory messages from within yourself and your surrounding environment
  • More accurately assess your habitual responses, beneficial and harmful
  • Stop harmful subconscious habitual responses when you want to
  • Develop a way of thinking that frees you to carry out a conscious response that you choose

“You are not here to do exercises or to learn to do something right, but to meet a stimulus that always puts you wrong and to learn to deal with it.” - F.M. Alexander

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